Executive Board

Clemens Först

Spokesman of the Board

Finance & Transformation
Market and Sales Stea and Intermodal

Curriculum Vitae

Imre Kovács

Member of the Executive Board

Production & Maintenance
Market and Sales MAC and WPBCE

Curriculum Vitae

Management Board

Bernhard Ebner

Business Unit Manager

Judith Fiala

Business Unit Manager
Wood / Paper / Building Materials / Consumer Goods / Environmental Solutions

Reinhold Pölzl

Business Unit Manager
Mineral Oil / Agriculture / Chemicals

Peter Vanek

Business Unit Manager
Steel / Energy / Automotive

Sebastian Sperker

Head of Service Design

Gabriel Hofbauer-Unterrichter

Head of Sales Operations & Business Development

Wolfgang Riedl

Head of Service Delivery

Ewald Zenz

Co-Head of Traction
Rail Cargo Carrier

Christian Petschar

Co-Head of Traction

Norbert Körös

CEO Rail Cargo Hungaria