Wagon rental/sales

Rented or sold – we unite the world of freight transport with our freight wagons. Wagon by wagon, train by train. In Europe. And beyond to Asia.

With a fleet of some 25,000 freight wagons of various types, the Rail Cargo Group has the appropriate transport infrastructure in 18 European countries. Bundled wagon management enables effective use and even more efficient administration and management of all wagons. This allows us to provide punctual logistics solutions.

The range of services extends from procurement to rental and stationing of available wagons through to damaged wagon management and wagon recycling. The special advantage for you: We assume the entire capacity risk.

Your benefits


  • You can rent our vehicles for the short, medium or long term (3 months or more)
  • Handover at an agreed place and time
  • Economical and cost-effective rental rates


  • Select from a diverse vehicle fleet
  • Attractive vehicle prices will satisfy your individual requirements as regards wagon use and budget