Do you have questions about MIKE and our e-services? Here you will find a quick and easy overview of frequently asked questions.

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  • Who has access to MIKE?

    As a customer of the Rail Cargo Group, MIKE supports you with digital services for all aspects of your goods transport. Should you not yet have a current contractual relationship but are interested in working with us, then use SmartLINK as your entry into the digital world of railway logistics. SmartLINK makes it clear in a simple and intuitive way how freight transport by rail works and guides you through the four areas: Choose from scheduled or individual TransFER connections, inquire about the equipment available as well as the services and add-ons that are relevant for you. Contact us afterwards to create a customised offer together.

  • How do I get access to MIKE?

    Business customers can request access to MIKE by contacting their System Administrator or Sales Key Account Manager. A direct conversation means that all the important information for MIKE access and the required services can be collected during the conversation.

  • Will I receive my login details immediately after registration?

    The verification, authorisation and creation of your MIKE user profile can take 1-2 working days. As soon as your MIKE user is created, you will receive all the necessary information by email and your contact partner will contact you with additional information.

  • How do I know which module I will need?

    Should you require further information on the individual modules or want to know which MIKE modules best suit you and your requirements, please refer to the detailed information about these services on railcargo.com. You can also get in touch with your System Administrator or Sales Key Account Manager to this end.

  • How much does MIKE cost to use?

    The basic MIKE package with all the current digital services is available to our customers free of charge. Future modules or enhanced features within a module may be subject to a charge.

  • Is it possible to create MIKE user profiles at company level?

    All of the users in your company will be given their own user profile to ensure data privacy.

  • I currently use the existing RCG e-Services. What advantages does MIKE offer over previous solutions?

    The features of our previous applications e-Cargo, empty wagon order book and e-frachtbrief@ (waybill) will gradually be made available to you on MIKE. However, the functionalities you previously used are not simply transferred 1:1 to MIKE, but enhanced and optimised to meet the latest requirements. In the future, you will only need one entry point to access all our features from any location.


  • Which web browsers does the solution work with?

    Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

  • Which Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed?

    The application was developed for JRE Version 8 Update 161 (PlugIn 1.8.0_161). We can only guarantee full functionality and support with this version.
    Previous experience has shown that e-frachtbrief@ also works with newer versions. However, we cannot guarantee functionality in this case!

  • Which IP addresses/DNS names need to be enabled in a firewall?

  • Which ports are used for communication?

    • 443 (SSL)
    • 15001
    • 15002
    • 15003
    • 15004
  • Can antivirus software cause problems?

    There are no reported issues!

  • Which file types are downloaded?

    • Jar: Java files for the application
    • dat: master data files
  • Is the applet being used certified?

    Yes, the certificate information appears when the application is opened for the first time.

  • Is the application terminal-server compatible?

    The application can be run on a terminal server. However, since the infrastructure required to do this can vary from customer to customer and be complex, we are unable to offer support.

  • Is a framework used for the Java platform?

    Yes, the platform uses Spring Framework.

  • What do I need to know about Spring Framework?

    When the programme is launched, the system checks whether updates are available from the Spring Framework. If updates are indeed available, they will be downloaded from this external source. It is therefore necessary to configure any firewall accordingly!

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