Our jobs

Whether the roles on offer are for train drivers, wagon technicians, logisticians, dispatchers, terminal staff or sales staff – taken together, all of them are the key to the company’s success. If you too are counted among the best of the best and would therefore like to move us into the fast lane, we look forward to hearing from you.


Train driver

10,000 hp under the hood. Taking care of thousands of tonnes of goods. Rather than bothering you, this gives you a sense of responsibility.

Wagon technician

Reliable rail freight transport is crucially dependant on safe wagon material. That’s why the operational safety of rail vehicles is at least as important to you as the operational safety of your personal car.

Terminal employee

You have the safe handling of intermodal loading units in your hands. After all, at terminals you form the central link between rail and other modes of transport.


You organise everything that is necessary for the transport of industrial goods. As the interface to our customers, you take care of all the associated servicesas well.


Complex transport orders don’t plunge you into a pit of despair; instead, they inspire you to develop creative solutions. That, after all, is what being a dispatcher is all about.

Sales employee

Simply getting goods flows on track and impressing customers with efficient and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions isn’t just a job for you; it’s your passion.