Railway undertaking

As an RU, our international in-house production creates a competitive advantage. Comprehensively and seamlessly across national borders.

As a leading rail logistics provider, we open up markets in central, southern and Eastern Europe and help our customers access growth markets from Russia to Turkey and all the way to China. A comprehensive production network with proprietary rail freight operations in 13 European countries ensures high quality all along the logistics and transport chains. The key benefits: quick and reliable cross-border rail transport at competitive prices.

Your benefits

  • Cross-border rail transport from a single source with modern traction units
  • Assurance of end-to-end, high-quality international production
  • Reduced shipping times, improved punctuality
  • Maximum performance quality
  • High-quality block train products in central, south-eastern and north-western Europe

RCG own traction: 13 countries focussed on production that knows no borders