Corporate social responsibility

We take our responsibility seriously. Responsibility for people, for the community, and for the environment. Thus, we create value for generations.

As a leading rail logistics specialist, we not only focus clearly on the competition, but also on our values. We consider responsible conduct in harmony with the environment and the community to be an important principle for long-term economic success.
EcoVadis, an international rating platform that now assesses 50,000 companies in terms of corporate social responsibility, has awarded this responsible approach the status of "Silver".

For the good of the environment

Our business model is inherently sustainable. Because the more your goods travel by rail, the greener it becomes. The underlying principle is extremely simple: With every kilometre and every tonne transported by rail, the environment is protected. Because rail freight transport releases 21 times less CO2 to the environment than road transport. (Values valid in Austria for a truck with average load)

Moving the economy

We ensure the economic success of our company with one hundred percent rigour and reliability. With this, we create the basis for ensuring our customers the decisive competitive advantage on the market.

Obliged to society

We live and breathe responsibility. As an employer, we depend on our employees and invest as one of the largest training companies, not only in our young people but also in our future.