Second place as quality champion

RCG employee Martina Schmidl was awarded second prize in the Quality Champion award for establishing cooperation audits within the Rail Cargo Group (RCG).

Every year since 2015, the Austrian Association for Quality Assurance (ÖVQ) has awarded two prizes to individuals, the Quality Champion and the Quality Talent, based on the decision of an independent jury of experts. This year, second prize in the Quality Champion award went to RCG employee Martina Schmidl.

Martina Schmidl is an audit manager in the Continuous Improvement department and received the award for establishing collaborative audits involving staff from several RCG subsidiaries. The audits were conducted for the first time over three days in September 2021, with the aim of exchanging ideas, gaining information and evaluating processes.

Martina was awarded second place for this commitment, which, in addition to a large increase in quality for all those involved, also resulted in cost and time savings, for example by saving on business trips.

Congratulations to Martina Schmidl - SHE is #RAILCORE!