Our e-services allow you to do more than just simplify logistics processes; they also enable you to implement the entire logistics process in a completely paperless manner.

Whether you need efficient order management, tracking and tracing, an overview of available container storage locations, bill of lading creation and much more besides, the solutions available at the click of a mouse are fully tailored to customer needs and country-specific requirements. You can count on that.

e-Services in Austria/Germany

Order your empty wagons, create your consignment note and keep an eye on your wagon loads and order information at all times.


e-Cargo is the direct and fast way for efficient order management for your wagonloads. Receive information on incoming and provided consignments, redeem consignments electronically and track your consignments using Tracking & Tracing.

Empty wagon order book

The empty wagon order book enables you to order freight wagons only by mouse click. You always have an overview of your order status - simply and conveniently.


Create your own consignment notes for wagon shipments easily and conveniently. And always keep an eye on the processing status.

Your Advantages

  • Your direct access to simplify logistics processes
  • Direct, fast and convenient processing of orders for wagonload consignments
  • Transmit consignment note data electronically and securely
  • Enhanced Tracking & Tracing
  • Available around the clock


Our applications e-Cargo, empty car order book and e-frachtbrief@ are available in our password-protected customer area.

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Wagon status message - WSM

Stay up to date with the wagon status report. Are you a wagon keeper or involved in the transport as consignor or consignee? We inform you about the status of your freight wagons - electronically, automatically and at the time you require.

Your advantages

  • Automated tracking & tracing of freight wagons
  • National and international status reports from a single source
  • Free choice between different EDP formats and transmission technologies

Online monitoring for block trains

Status information for block trains always at a glance. Timely, individually prepared and automatic.

Your advantages

  • Status information - tailored to your individual requirements
  • Multiple addressees possible
  • Improvement of disposition
  • Escalation management

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