A complete success: TransFER Erzberg 2024

Rested up for the toughest one-day enduro in the world: a special transport service provided by the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) took the athletes from Düsseldorf to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo in comfortable couchette car compartments. In their luggage: equipment, motorbikes, cars and minibuses.

They come from all over the world, from every profession and age group. Professionals, amateurs, hobby riders. The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo is the toughest one-day enduro in the world and demands everything from riders from 40 nations over 35 energy-sapping kilometres. Year after year, they all face a common opponent: the ‘mountain of iron’, the Erzberg near Eisenerz in Styria.

The race is a Hollywood thriller in a class of its own and really demands everything from the athletes. Fitness, courage and riding technique decide on victory and defeat in this brutal competition. It is obvious that the Erzberg can only be completed with a good night's sleep, even by the fittest athletes. Long, exhausting car journeys, traffic jams and the resulting tiredness are the last thing you need in the world's most strenuous off-road single-day race.

Successful premiere for TransFER Erzberg

For this reason, the RCG has established a new, particularly climate-friendly form of transport. The TransFER Erzberg, a special transport service, brought the riders and their equipment – from cars with motorbike trailers to minibuses with a complete setup – from Düsseldorf to Erzberg in a very relaxed manner. No wonder the return journey was fully booked to the last seat. After all, after the exertions of the last few days, travelling home in a couchette coach and avoiding traffic jams is a very attractive option. Three-time Erzberg champion Jonny Walker, who spontaneously secured one of the last free seats, was also convinced of this. By the way: an expansion of the offer next year is already being considered.

Jonny Walker ©Klaus Listl

Pictures say more than a thousand words

Convince yourself of the unique atmosphere on the train and on site. Click through the picture gallery on the RCG blog. Have fun!

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo