More round trips between Villach and Frosinone

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is increasing the number of round trips to cater for customer requirements and is modifying the TransFER Villach–Frosinone to meet the high demand.

RCG has revised the number of round trips on TransFER Villach–Frosinone in order to better meet the needs of its customers. This TransFER was launched in 2023 as part of TransFER Villach–Italy with one round trip per month. However, demand has grown – especially in the waste management sector – and the TransFER has already been doubled to two round trips per month. If demand continues to grow, RCG plans to increase the number of TransFER round trips between Austria and Italy to four per month – i.e. weekly. This TransFER is also used to transport goods in conventional wagonload transport for customers in the timber industry.

TransFER Villach–Italy

Multimodal thanks to MOBILER

One reason for the increase in the number of round trips is the higher demand for transport for new customers from the waste management sector, including the Italian company EuroTIDECO and FCC Austria Abfall Service AG. FCC Austria Abfall Service AG is a company of the international FCC Environment CEE Group and offers comprehensive waste management solutions for municipalities, industry, commerce and private individuals. The company specialises in the environmentally friendly disposal, recycling and treatment of various types of waste.
RCG has already transported 1,350 tonnes of waste for both companies using MOBILER. This combination of wagons, MOBILER containers and MOBILER trucks combines the advantages of environmentally friendly rail transport with those of flexible road freight and allows for a multimodal end-to-end logistics solution. A hydraulic lifting device on the MOBILER vehicle enables the MOBILER container to be transshipped quickly and easily between truck and wagon – without the need for a crane or a dedicated rail siding.

Sustainable freight transport between Austria and Italy

The transit time between Villach and Frosinone is just one day. Customers benefit from end-to-end logistics solutions with first and last mile services as well as the handling of conventional wagonload and container transport (with Profile 22). Additional forwarding services such as handling facilities and warehouse logistics are also available.