RCG joins the IBS

For the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group, membership of the International Railfreight Business Association (IBS) is an important step in making railway freight transport fit for the future. 

Progress can flourish with strong partners at your side. The RCG has therefore been a member of the IBS, Europe’s leading interest group for rail freight transport, since April 2024. Experts from the RCG and IBS have been in close dialogue since last year. 

RCG attends the industry congress

In April, the association's congress was held in Helsinki, to which a delegation from the RCG travelled to mark joining the organisation: Employees took the opportunity to introduce the RCG to the industry’s international audience and to discuss methods for solving European challenges in railway freight traffic. 

Multimodal transport in focus

One of the association’s strategic goals is to design new products in what is known as “multimodal freight transport” that also integrate single wagonload networks throughout Europe. The RCG can bring in its comprehensive expertise here, in addition to the existing knowhow of its already extensive network of TransFER connections. This is particularly the case in the area of multimodal logistic solutions, where the MOBILER can set new standards. This configuration makes the transloading of goods between rail and road much easier and more efficient. 

About the IBS

The International Railfreight Business Association (IBS) was founded in 1996 as an interest group for rail freight forwarders and currently has around 60 member companies from 16 countries. The majority of members are shippers, freight forwarders and train operators.