The latest news on TransFER connections to Italy

Two new routes. Updates on round trips. An overview of the latest developments.

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is constantly adjusting its TransNET to meet its customers’ needs and the latest market requirements. There have been some changes to the TransFER connections to and from Italy with immediate effect. By expanding the network through the Brenner Pass, the RCG is actively promoting a shift to sustainable rail transport along the Brenner axis and helping to relieve the strain on transit in Tyrol.

New: TransFER Verona–Göttingen

Direct connection for continental flows of goods between northern Italy and the DUSS terminal in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, with four round trips per week. The RCG reliably and efficiently transports containers between 20 and 45 feet as well as cranable trailers on this route.

TransFER Verona–Göttingen

New: TransFER Padua–Hannover

Efficient transport solution with four round trips per week between northern Italy and Germany with direct connectivity to the Hannover-Leinetor rail terminal. An increase in the frequency to six round trips per week is being planned. Containers and swap bodies (WAB) between 20 and 45 feet can be transported.

TransFER Padua–Hannover

Increase in round trips: TransFER Verona–Wuppertal

Non-stop connection for continental flows of goods, linking important economic regions in Italy and Germany, now operates six round trips a week instead of four. The RCG uses this TransFER to transport containers and WABs between 20 and 45 feet as well as cranable trailers.

TransFER Verona–Wuppertal

The RCG’s TransNET offers an overview of all TransFER connections and combinations to and from all ports, business and industrial centres. TransNET is intuitive to use and, like our entire website, is available in thirteen languages.