Waste transports for FCC Austria: turning waste into energy

Sooner or later, our household waste is collected by a refuse collection service. After that, waste management companies such as FCC Austria Abfall Service AG come into play. They handle the process of converting the waste into electricity and district heating, which keeps our homes warm. ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is responsible for transporting this waste – multimodally from door to door.

Since 2004, the partnership between FCC Austria and RCG has been proving how sustainable waste disposal and efficient end-to-end logistics can go hand in hand: after all, savings of around 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year speak for themselves. At the heart of this success story is the transportation of municipal waste for incineration. Every year, RCG transports more than 70,000 tonnes of waste for FCC Austria, of which almost 19,000 tonnes come from the Abfallverband Tirol West in Roppen alone. This waste is transported across the country to Zistersdorf in Lower Austria for sustainable incineration. This produces electricity/energy for up to 20,000 households a year.

Efficient end-to-end logistics solution

RCG handles the entire the supply chain – from door to door.
Trucks transport the waste from Roppen to the station in Ötztal/Imst in Tyrol, about six kilometres away. The waste is then transported by rail along the main route through Austria to the industrial siding in Zisterstorf (Lower Austria), where it is tipped by MOBILER truck at the recycling plant.
The multimodal solution includes the main leg by sustainable rail, single wagonload (SWL) and last mile using innovative MOBILER logistics, as well as the provision of the necessary equipment. This includes specially manufactured 30-ft bulk containers, developed in partnership with FCC Austria, to increase the payload and enabke even more municipal waste to be transported sustainably. In single wagonload (SWL) transport, four such containers are carried on each eight-axle carrier wagon.

A partnership that sets standards

FCC Austria and RCG have enjoyed a trust-based, solution-oriented partnership for the past 20 years. Its success is based not only on tailor-made logistics solutions, but also on continuous dialogue. The aim has always been to find solutions together, to improve each other and ultimately to benefit as partners. It proves that it is possible to reconcile business objectives with the protection of our planet, while setting new standard in the waste management and logistics industry.

About FCC

FCC Austria Abfall Service AG is an Austrian waste management company headquartered in Himberg that provides resource management and citizen services to municipalities, industrial, commercial and retail companies, as well as private individuals. FCC won the tender for waste transport on the basis of its sustainable rail concept. The transports also comply with the amended Waste Management Act, which stipulates that waste must be transported by rail for distances of 200 kilometres or more.