All-time Classics on the rails

Transporting cars and car parts by rail is nothing new for the Rail Cargo Group. When 28 vintage cars and 5 motorbikes are brought by train from Vienna to Wels however, that can be classed as a very special transportation service – the “Vintage Classic Car Charter Train”.

The vehicles will be transported by motorail train in collaboration with Classic Car Auctions by

Julius Hügler 1875 and Messe Wels. The big advantage here is that the vintage cars travel directly to the Classic Austria Trade Fair for modern and vintage cars in a way that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Large-scale car transportation

The Rail Cargo Group brings around 750,000 new cars by rail from the manufacturing plants to distribution platforms across Europe every year. Logistics solutions that run like clockwork supply the automobile industry with raw materials as well as semi-finished and finished products.  The most modern special wagons that can be customised to meet the products’ individual requirements have been deployed. The transportation of railway vehicles, charter and special transport, as well as services for the Austrian federal army alongside goods pertaining to the motor industry such as cars, tractors, gearboxes, engines and vehicle parts are organised on a pan-European scale.

Special transport that is particularly special

Transporting vintage cars by rail is anything but commonplace. The valuable freight was loaded on to the motorail train at Vienna’s main station (The Hauptbahnhof). RCG’s customer Hödlmayr provided the equipment required for this. With the vintage car owners and press representatives on board, the rail journey taking them directly to the loading terminal in Wels got underway. The ÖBB’s special climate protection locomotive headed the special train. After being unloaded, the vehicles went directly to the exhibition grounds in Wels. Classic Austria takes place from 20th to 22nd September. This exhibition is the meeting point for all vintage car lovers, collectors and restorers. Elegant vintage cars and modern classic cars, historical motorbikes, trucks and tractors will be presented in Wels alongside automobile clubs, traders in trucks and truck parts. One particular programme highlight is an auction of valuable vintage cars and motorbikes under the aegis of Classic Cars Auctions founder Franziskus Kriegs-Au, at 3pm on 21st September.

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All-time Classics on the rails