Buses on ROLA for the first time

The Rail Cargo Group has transported 49 buses from Wörgl to Trento for the company OMR. This is the first time in the history of ROLA that buses rather than trucks have travelled on the Rolling Road.

A total of 49 buses belonging to the company OMR, one of the largest commercial bus companies in Europe, have been brought from Germany to Thessaloniki in Greece. The section of the journey they covered on the ROLA over the Brenner made a real difference when it comes to efficiency and to protecting the climate.

These used buses were split into groups of five to nine and loaded on to the ROLA in Wörgl before being brought to Trento. From Trento, they then continued on their own to the ferry in Venice, which took them on to Greece. All of the buses arrived safely and on time at their destination in Greece, where they are being used for urban transport. Transporting them on the ROLA means a significant stretch of the journey is carried out in an environmentally friendly way. Re-using the buses also makes a big contribution to saving resources.

ROLA benefits

The buses were loaded at the Rolling Road Terminals and transported using special low-floor wagons while the bus drivers were able to rest in the accompanying carriage and enjoy its on-board services. Thanks to this accompanied, combined (intermodal) transport, ROLA relieves transit routes of heavy traffic, considerably reduces emission levels and makes an important contribution to protecting the environment.