Collaboration with Rohrdorfer extended

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) puts another five years on a successful partnership.

RCG Vorstand Gottfried Eymer und Mike Edelmann, GF Rohrdorfer

Rohrdorfer is the Austrian market leader in ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In 2020 RCG took over all deliveries of raw material to the parent plant. As a result, deliveries rose to 1.4 million tonnes (double the quantity) in 2021.

This successful partnership has now been contractually extended for another five years, effective from 1st January 2023. Transport capacity is to increase by 25 % in the new contract period. In addition, the partners will develop joint strategies to enable the transport of recovered CO2 and the complete digitalisation of train ordering processes, among other things.

A first joint digitisation project is already being implemented within the framework of MIKE, the digital assistant: a workshop was held at the beginning of 2022 that laid the foundations for a platform that will enable the block train ordering process to be fully digitalised. During the workshop, Rohrdorfer’s logistics team passed on their experience. RCG is using this to develop a digital platform that it intends to offer all its customers in the medium term. The business partners have expressed their aim to pursue an intensive exchange on digitalisation topics during the new contract period.