Digital transport solutions for Bundesforste

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) sets digital standards in timber transport with the Österreichische Bundesforste (German for “Austrian Federal Forests”).

Digitalization is a very important element in ensuring freight transport is faster, more modern and more ecological. RCG, together with its customers and in tune with the times, has therefore begun to transition services, benefits and processes into the digital world. One example of such a successful partnership is the project with the Austrian Federal Forests. The entire railway logistics process for timber transport was digitalized in a joint effort – from electronic waybills and empty wagon orders to future transport status messages and ETA forecasts (information about the estimated time of arrival).

"We have, with the Rail Cargo Group, a high-performance logistics partner on board who ensures environmentally friendly transport," the CEO of Österreichische Bundesforste Rudolf Freidhager says. Networked data transfer and the elimination of media discontinuities in railway logistics have sustainably optimized and simplified processes. Internal and external processes have been accelerated and at the same time rendered more effective and transparent. "Not only do we know at the touch of a button where the timber transport is at any given moment, we are also able to seamlessly track where every single tree harvested in our forests comes from and where it is being delivered," Freidhager explains.