HUNGRAIL “Hungarian Railway 2019” conference

HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association organised its autumn conference “Hungarian Railway 2019” on 1 October. Several representatives of the railway industry attended the event.

Aims, challenges and opportunities of the of the next few years were the topics of the presentations of high-ranking politicians and managers. Special focus was among others on government strategies with regards to railway development and on railway’s role in strengthening the economy. The importance and the imminent implementation of investments for a well-functioning rail service was highlighted which can solve regional problems of the job market.

Dr Imre Kovács highlighted the results already achieved and tasks which need to be solved in order to improve the competitiveness of rail freight: infrastructural developments considering the requirements of rail freight, renewal of the national regulatory environment with the establishment of a competitiveness package for rail, and the alteration of international regulations with the focus on interoperability.

Imre Kovács welcomed the ongoing digitalisation developments – Motis III, MLD – and the smooth management of the track closure in Hegyeshalom thanks to the successful adjustment of the border technology. He also introduced the ongoing, transnational operational concepts and projects of the Rail Cargo Group.