Multimodal transports for w&p Zement

Since 2019, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) transports up to 80,000 tonnes of clinker and granulated blast furnace slag in round trips per year for its customer w&p Zement. That is around 2,000 tonnes per week – multimodally thanks to MOBILER.

w&p Zement GmbH, a subsidiary of Alpacem, is a manufacturer of cement, binders, aggregates and special building materials in southern Austria. With two locations in Wietersdorf, Carinthia, and Peggau, Styria, the company is a partner of the local (construction) industry. The products form the basis for durable and sustainable buildings such as bridges, tunnels, housing and foundations, among others. Since 2019, w&p is customer of RCG again.

Single wagon transport meets MOBILER

Every year, RCG transports up to 40,000 tonnes of clinker and 40,000 tonnes of granulated blast furnace slag in a round trip, a so-called “triangular transport”. The TransFER works like this: w&p Zement has its own siding at the company premises in Wietersdorf, Carinthia. There, the MOBILER containers are handled and loaded with cement clinker and then transported by rail to the unloading point at the Peggau-Deutschfeistritz railway station in Styria. The MOBILER takes over at the general loading road in Peggau so that the wagon group can continue empty to the company premises of voestalpine Stahl Donawitz in Leoben, Styria. In Leoben, the wagon group is loaded with granulated blast furnace slag from voestalpine. The wagons then return to the premises of w&p in Wietersdorf, where the slag is unloaded and the MOBILER is used again for the last mile by truck.

Shift to rail – BE #RAILCORE!

With this multimodal and individual end-to-end logistics solution thanks to MOBILER and w&p Zement's commitment to rail, there are 3,200 trucks less on the road per year since 2019, which reduces the burden on the enviroment. w&p Zement strives to shift more freight transports to rail – further innovative transport solutions are already being worked on.