Our high-speed TransFER Linz–Antwerp

Between January and May 2021, around 142,000 net tonnes conventional wagonload and container traffic were transported between Austria and Belgium with the TransFER Linz–Antwerp in a sustainable manner on rail.

With this eco-friendly transport solution between Austria and Belgium, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group not only connects the central and southeast European economic centres with one another, but also links the northern and southern ports of Europe as a connection to sea-going shipping.

Due to the increased demand, the four weekly round trips were increased by one more in autumn last year. As a result, conventional wagonloads and containers including dangerous goods transports (RID) are now sustainably transported by rail with five weekly round trips to and from the Belgian port area. The route leads non-stop from Linz via Passau - Nuremberg - Mainz - Bischofsheim - Aachen - Montzen - Genk to Antwerp with a transit time of only one day.

With this TransFER, RCG also offers comprehensive additional services such as transshipment options, warehouse logistics, damaged wagon and emergency management, and takes care of first and last mile. By providing up-to-date transport information, the status of the shipment can be easily checked.