RCG provides raw material transportation for Metadynea

On account of what are currently its highest production volume since the company was founded, the Rail Cargo Group’s transport services are delivering raw material supplies for Metadynea on the environmentally friendly railways.

This year, the company Metadynea, located in Krems an der Donau, achieved its highest production volume since the company was founded in 1948. The Rail Cargo Group has scheduled five to seven trains a month for the local company; transport got underway at the start of November.

The company is the regional market and technology leader for glue and artificial resin and also specialises in fine chemicals, raw materials for varnish and halogen-free flame retardants. Special wagons are being used for this raw material transportation using just-in-time transport services provided by the Rail Cargo Group. This guarantees seamless tracking & tracing.