RCG transports green hydrogen

The Rail Cargo Group is supporting the VERBUND project “Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube” by transporting green hydrogen on the environmentally friendly railways in order to extend the green electricity supply chain.

VERBUND (www.verbund.com) has developed the project “Green Hydrogen @ Blue Danube” along with technology partners and commercial consumers of green hydrogen. Within the framework of the European Commission’s Strategic Forum “Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)”. The aim is to construct a European supply chain for green hydrogen – from production and transport to consumers in the industry and mobility sectors. 

Versatile energy source on the green railways

In order to meet the demand for green hydropower in Austria and Germany, the Rail Cargo Group is supporting this long-term project by providing sustainable rail transport. Transport is set to get underway from 2025 along the Danube to consumers in Austria and Germany. The hydrogen produced from green energy is intended to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and also serve as an alternative energy source and alternative to fossil fuels in the mobility sector.