TransANT GmbH officially founded

With its entry in the company register, TransANT GmbH has now been officially founded. Andreas Redling (RCG) and Roland Gammer (voestalpine Stahl GmbH) are taking over as interim operational Managing Directors at the joint project company.

The ÖBB and voestalpine Stahl GmbH, a subsidiary of the Steel Division at the voestalpine Group, have reached another significant landmark in rail freight transport with their pioneering joint project: TransANT GmbH has been entered in the company register. Through their collaboration to develop the wagon innovation TransANT, both partners have set new standards in the freight transport market and are opening up a new world of rail logistics for customers when it comes to flexibility and modularity. TransANT GmbH is now getting down to planning factory construction and manufacture.   

Management of TransANT GmbH

Andreas Redling and Roland Gammer are the interim Managing Directors of TransANT GmbH. Through his work at voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Roland Gammer brings a wealth of expertise to developing TransANT as well as many years of international sales and project experience.

Andreas Redling, an experienced sales manager at the Rail Cargo Group, brings extensive industry knowledge and is well versed in quality management. The former Managing Director of Rail Cargo Wagon - Austria GmbH also contributed to the pilot production of TransANT. Andreas Redling therefore completes the TransANT GmbH leadership duo. Each partner company has a 50 percent stake. This consolidates the expertise of the two companies and creates the agility required to transcend corporate boundaries.