TransFER Wolfurt–Rotterdam expanded with a stop in Switzerland

We are now also connecting Frenkendorf in Switzerland to our intermodal network with a round trip as part of our direct transport routes between Wolfurt and Rotterdam and are expanding our multimodal logistics services.

Wolfurt is very important for Vorarlberg’s economy, which places a strong emphasis on exports. It does not stop there, however. Austria’s most westerly terminal is the hub of the entire region around Lake Constance, for all of Europe in fact. As the starting point for high-frequent TransFER connections, direct transport routes to the northern Ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and the Dutch Port of Rotterdam, the Wolfurt Freight Centre (Güterzentrum Wolfurt) is one of the most important transport hubs in all of Europe.

We are expanding our multimodal logistics solutions with immediate effect and are connecting our TransFER Wolfurt –Rotterdam Frenkendorf in Switzerland to our intermodal network. Two round trips are running as usual from Wolfurt via Kurfstein to Rotterdam and back. We are now running another round trip from Rotterdam to Wolfurt via Frenkendort. Loading and unloading services are available in Frenkendorf. This means we can bring goods from Frenkendorf to Wolfurt, where we then join our dense freight transport network. This provides opportunities to connect to the Adriatic Ports of Koper and Trieste and to link intercontinental flows of goods directly to the bimodal Terminal Bilk in Budapest, the largest terminal in Hungary. We aim to increase our TransFER Wolfurt-Rotterdam to four relations with two stops in Frenkendorf.