TransNET – your smart map

All our TransFER services at a glance – that’s our TransNET. Customers and interested parties can now discover all our connections on one map and create new routes – from the first to the last mile.

As part of the journey to making the rail system easily accessible, we now offer you the next digital solution: You can now see all of our network’s TransFER connections to and from every port, economic and industrial hub at a glance on our digital TransNET. In line with our motto "TransNET, let’s play!", you can explore these routes and combinations, and also create your own.

Easy, clear & intuitive

This provides customers and interested parties with a clear digital overview of our entire TransNET on one map. They can choose from all the TransFER connections and route sections on our network as well as all our warehouse locations, terminals and ports across the Eurasian continent and can connect them up to match their specific needs. If the desired connection is not covered in our existing range of network services, one of our team is just three clicks away and happy to create a customized TransFER solution.

How do I navigate it?

Available in nine languages with an intuitive user interface, users can easily access our extensive TransNET. They can choose from three options: they can use the GO & THANKS fields to choose the starting location and destination for their goods, they can find their connection using our well-arranged list view, or simply click on a location on our map.

This opens up a world of TransFER possibilities. After selecting the relevant route, our icons show which services are provided at the selected locations to deliver the goods safe and sound – day and night, smoothly and seamlessly.

TransNET, let’s play! Get clicking and give it a go. Discover a world of possibilities: 

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