Waste Management Act: sustainable transport of municipal waste

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has been transporting 78,000 tons of municipal waste per year from Tyrol to Upper Austria on behalf of LINZ SERVICE GmbH for twelve years – all in accordance with the Austrian Waste Management Act (AWG). A win for the environment.

LINZ SERVICE GmbH is a subsidiary of LINZ AG and takes care of the infrastructure for water supply, wastewater and waste disposal as well as municipal services such as the harbour, swimming pools, funeral services and cemeteries in Upper Austria. LINZ SERVICE GmbH and RCG have had a close partnership for twelve years: Every year, up to 78,000 tons of municipal waste are transported from Tyrol to Upper Austria in bales or loose form. Alongside the provision of equipment – including multitainers and bulk containers (both MOBILER) as well as storage trestles – RCG offers a seamless and efficient end-to-end logistics solution.

Across Austria

The municipal waste transports begin in Innsbruck. From there, the MOBILER truck makes its way either to Hall in Tyrol or to Fritzens-Wattens, where the containers are transferred to the wagons or groups of wagons. RCG's innovative MOBILER logistics system is used for this: the MOBILER containers are transferred horizontally from truck to rail wagon by means of a hydraulic lifting system. It then travels sustainably to Linz by rail. The MOBILER truck also handles the last mile.

For the sake of the environment

By using sustainable rail as its main mode of transport, LINZ SERVICE GmbH is acting completely in accordance with the new Waste Management Act (AWG). Under the AWG and with the transport clause going into effect, since the beginning of the year waste transports with a total weight of more than ten tons must be transported by rail if the distance exceeds 300 km. LINZ SERVICE GmbH is a pioneer and has been putting its trust in RCG's logistics solutions for years. And it is worth it for the climate: This saves the environment around 4,500 truck journeys* every year.

*Assuming 78,000 tons annually with an average truck haulage capacity of 17.4 tons.