Block train

Our strengths: Reliable and consistent transport of large volumes from A to B – whether regular transport on set operating days and at fixed times or flexible transport at short notice.

Do your transport needs require a large wagon group or an entire train? Is your cargo from the same sender, for the same recipient and to be transported at the same time? Then our block train services are the optimal solution for you – whether you require standard wagonload or combined intermodal transport. A non-stop service from dispatch directly to the destination station. You have the choice of two options:

  • Regular transport with our TransFER connections on consistent operating days with a fixed schedule and the associated certainty of optimal planning
  • Tailored customer-specific solutions, adapted to your individual needs with the best possible ordering flexibility


  • End-to-end logistics solutions for wagon groups and block trains across Europe
  • Transport from the same sender to the same recipient
  • Additional services such as truck pre/post tracking, customs clearance and insurance
  • Planning certainty through fixed schedules
  • Tailored customer solutions with flexible planning and the best possible booking flexibility ( time, volume, connections)