Environment award for climate protectors

Every tonne transported by rail saves CO2 and safeguards our environment. RCG’s environment award makes your focus on the environment even clearer.

Transporting goods by rail is far more environmentally friendly compared to trucks. In concrete terms, rail transport causes eight times less air pollution than road transport. In terms of noise emissions and energy consumption, rail transport is also considerably better than transport by road: Noise emissions from the railways amount to only one-third whilst energy consumption is just one sixth compared to the roads!*

RCG’s environment award makes the potential savings available in rail transport clear in concrete terms. You can see in detail how many tonnes of CO2 your company has saved over the previous year.

Examined by an independent team of experts

RCG’s environment award shows the level of emissions generated and this is examined by the external specialists at TÜV Süd. This ensures that the calculation process used to work out CO2 emissions is in line with common standards. Regular inspections ensure that the information provided is correct.

Become a climate role model now

The environment award from RCG doesn’t just help you see exactly how many tons of CO2 your company can save. It is also a valuable tool for preparing your sustainability report or for making employees and customers, either internally or on social media, aware of efforts made regarding environmental protection.

Show your commitment to sustainable freight transport and a Europe that is worth living in!

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*Source: Rail Freight Forward (Europe-wide figures)

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