20 years of RCT-BILK

The Hungarian subsidiary of the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG), the Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK (RCT-BILK), is celebrating its 20 years jubilee in October. BILK is the strategic hub of rail, major sea ports in Europe and intermodal terminals on land.

For two decades, the terminal BILK in Budapest has been an important part of the Eurasian strategy of the RCG. From here, there are connections to the docks in Hamburg, Koper, Piraeus and Rijeka, and to intermodal terminals in Vienna, Záhony, Istanbul, Enns, Neuss, Wels, Curtici and Ploiesti. With COSCO SHIPPING Group’s investment in RCT-BILK in 2019, the importance of the terminal increased even further. Last year, 130,000 multimodal freight shipments were transported – container, semi-trailer and swap bodies.

Round-the-clock intermodal transport

The terminal covers a total of 22.3 hectares and has seven, 750 meter long, loading sidings, and two, 280 meter long, loading sidings. A special feature of BILK is the round-the-clock transportation of multimodal shipments. It is carried out with help from two portal cranes, nine reach stackers, as well as two terminal tractors and terminal semi-trailers. At the partner meeting organised on the occasion of the jubilee, Attila Czöndör, member of the board and CEO of RCT-BILK, emphasised that the company intends to give green technology innovations and digitisation developments a decisive role in the future.