And the winner is … RCG & Transporeon

Winners of the Austrian Logistics Prize 2024.

Once a year, the Austrian Logistics Network Association (“Verein Netzwerk Logistik” or “VNL”) awards the Austrian Logistics Prize to the most innovative logistics project of the year. The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG), the second largest rail logistics provider in Europe, and Transporeon, the leading transport management platform, were able to convince the expert jury at the extensive hearing. During the course of the collaboration, a seamless integration of multimodal transport into the platform was realised for the first time – an innovation that is unmatched by anyone in Europe. Representatives of both companies accepted the prize at the award ceremony on 5 June, 2024.

Simple concept, great effects

Europe needs a modal shift to rail in line with the goals of the European Green Deal. This shift is only possible if customers can easily switch from road to rail. However, the reality is often different: In logistics, rail and road transport are usually considered in isolation. For customers who handle hundreds of transport operations by road every day, a shift to rail is still a major hurdle, despite the many advantages. This barrier is dismantled by the integration of RCG multimodal and rail transport on the Transporeon platform.

The coupling of road and rail

The combination of the two transport worlds on one platform offers many benefits for the customer: Tracking information about multimodal and rail transports is displayed in the same user interface in which the shipper already receives real-time information about various road transports. Furthermore, manually entered status data is replaced by sensor-based real-time data. This not only enables customers to easily book road and rail transport on the Transporeon platform, but also provides innovative and easy access to sustainable logistics and efficient multimodal solutions without confronting uncertainties or a lack of transparency. Whether by rail or truck, from the customer's point of view, it always remains a fully integrated door-to-door logistics process from RCG based on the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ principle. The first transports with well-known pilot customers such as Nestle and Vöslauer prove that the concept works.

A big step towards sustainability

The majority is transported on fixed routes by sustainable rail, while the first and last miles are covered flexibly by truck. Customers always have real-time data (position, status, ETA) and reliable calculations of greenhouse gas emissions at their fingertips. This offers enormous potential for the desired modal shift – for a Europe worth living in.