25,000 tonnes of concrete by rail and road

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) transports a total of 25,000 tonnes of concrete elements from Bosnia to Austria on behalf of two customers. RCG organises a multimodal transport chain for this purpose; i.e. in addition to rail, it also relies on trucks.

The RCG logistics professionals successfully set up a customised, multimodal and international end-to-end solution for two customers. The mission: To transport concrete elements from the company site of the construction company Širbegović Inženjering in Gračanica in Bosnia to the Austrian transport, lifting technology and construction company Felbermayr Group in Leoben. About 24 trains with a total of 25,000 tonnes are planned until the end of November. Around 14,000 tonnes have already reached their destination in Leoben. The TransFER runs via the route Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and across the border in Spielfeld finally to Leoben in Austria.

Multimodal end-to-end logistics solution from RCG’s own sources

RCG handles the entire logistics 100 per cent from its own sources. As there is no railway siding available for either customer, both the first mile in Bosnia and the last mile in Austria were organised by truck – the main route runs sustainabily by rail. RCG thus combines all the advantages of both modes of transport – from the first mile to the last.