Annual emergency drill goes off well

Our annual Rail Cargo Carrier - Germany (RCC-DE) emergency drill took place on 18th July as part of our emergency management procedures. Various deployment scenarios were dealt with, staff received training and the first aiders had the chance to share experiences with each other.

Railway undertakings carry out internal emergency management procedures within the context of safety management. 365 days a year, one person from each of the four regional units located in Germany is always on call in case of emergencies. Emergency management defines how emergencies are to be handled, monitored and documented. However, training is also provided during the annual emergency drill for members of staff who volunteer for this on call duty.

Living safety knows no bounds

RCC-DE emergency management includes deploying emergency services on the rail network within the space of two hours whenever an incident occurs as well as documentation, supervision and further necessary procedures involved in emergency operations in the rail sector. Since emergency operations do not occur on a regular basis or in the same proportions in every location, emergency first aiders do not generally have the same level of experience. 

This is why the annual emergency drill focuses on participants practising different operational scenarios, proper supervision techniques and making the site of the incident safe. “For the first time, all of our first aiders were able to practise the most commonly occurring incidents. In each case, they had 15 minutes to master each scenario,” says trainer Martin Ransbach. This meant that all 30 participants could gain practical experience and also combine structured procedures and techniques.

Learning from your partner

“Team spirit, the desire to help, and our staff’s ongoing commitment is what makes our annual emergency drill such a success. The exchanges between experts from Germany and Austria were helpful for both sides, since each country uses very different systems. This symbiosis made it possible for us to live “best practice” and the motto “learn from your partner”, concludes Martin Ransbach.

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