Attractive new rail connection for Croatia

Rail Cargo Group’s direct connection from and to Croatia in cooperation with HZ Cargo and SZ Cargo makes fast and direct freight transport possible at short notice

The Rail Cargo Group has developed a new direct route to and from Croatia that will help overcome the challenges currently facing international freight transport and facilitate smooth transloading to the rails. Services to Graz and Villach can be combined and brought to and from every region in Croatia without any detours being made.

What is more, this new route provides new connections to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Individual bookings can be made at short notice and the range of services on offer depends on existing demands. This new connection means that customers’ goods get delivered faster on account of shorter transport times and offers comprehensive, transnational handling services from a single source. This enables the Rail Cargo Group to keep the international flow of goods moving and make sure supplies are delivered to and from Croatia on the rails.

Unlike road freight transport, which has been affected by massive restrictions to cross-border traffic and an ever decreasing number of truck drivers, rail freight transport still has excess capacity. Try out what the RCG is offering and see the quality of our services for yourself!

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