Extension to Eastern Switzerland and beyond

As from 2022, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) will link Vorarlberg to the Lake Constance region, with onward connections to Belgium and Italy.

The RCG’s TransNET offers countless TransFER connections covering the entire Eurasian continent. The network is soon to be expanded by a new rail link between Vorarlberg and Eastern Switzerland. In future, we will be running services three times a week between Wolfurt terminal in the west of Austria and the Swiss terminals in Frenkendorf and Niederglatt. Thanks to this partnership, the RCG will be able to offer businesses in the Lake Constance region more frequent services not only to Rotterdam, but also to Belgium (port of Antwerp) and Italy (ports of Genoa and La Spezia).

We connect urban centres

Via 60 TransFER network connections and countless customisable routes, the RCG transports all manner of goods to and from various ports and commercial and industrial centres. The transport units vary from entire wagonloads to intermodal shipments right through to comprehensive customised solutions. Depending on the place of departure and destination, additional freight forwarding services such as transshipment, warehouse logistics or customs services can be booked. The RCG takes care of every last detail – every mile of the way.