First TransANT wagons handed over to voestalpine subsidiary logserv

Success story and joint innovation developed by voestalpine and Rail Cargo Group makes its debut with ore transportation.

Work on TransANT began in 2018, a pioneering wagon innovation for the international freight transport market. This joint venture is based on cooperation between the Rail Cargo Group and the steel group voestalpine – beginning from the first ideas and plans laid out on paper right through to the construction of prototypes. And now the first wagons, which consist of 13 double units including superstructures, were delivered to voestalpine-Konzerngesellschaft Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ) just a few days ago. This success story is built on RCG’s customer and industry know-how combined with voestalpine’s material expertise.

TransANT is an indication of how the business model for rail freight transport focuses on specific customer needs and delivers a future-oriented product that sets new industry standards. All of the units will be delivered to voestalpine by the end of the year, coming to a total of 675 metres in length and 1,170 tonnes in weight. This is going to make ore transportation much more efficient and sustainable, considering that its underframe, which is 20% lighter than conventional platform wagons, is able to load up to an extra four tonnes in weight. This means you need fewer trains per year to carry the same volume of goods. An integrated system made of high-strength steel components and corresponding welding technology is what makes this weight reduction possible and this wagon so versatile.