Liquefied gas (LPG) on rail

The Rail Cargo Group transports not only chemical goods safely and reliably by rail, but also provides creative logistics solutions and highly integrated logistics strategies. An example of this is the transportation of LPG.

The transportation of liquefied gas calls for particular care and attention. This is why a chemical facility and an LPG producer in Leuna, Germany, also rely on the safety of the railways and on the competence of the Rail Cargo Group to come up with viable solutions. Up to two block trains with up to 22 tank wagons will run from Leuna, a city in Saxony-Anhalt known for its chemical industry, some 400 kilometres westwards to deliver the goods to a mineral oil company located in the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

But the RCG would not be renowned for its ability to provide intelligent solutions and integrated logistics concepts, if it did not also offer a special service for such dangerous goods transports. A partner also transports consumed sulphuric acid every week for the chemical plant from Leuna to Duisburg, where a specialist zinc and sulphur company is based. Thus the idea was born to connect the two transports. In groups of eleven tank wagons per freight, the liquefied gas is now transported together with the sulphur. The advantages for our customer are not only better conditions, but also guaranteed delivery times and greater flexibility in terms of quantities delivered. Each week, two trains depart in each direction with an A-B delivery time. This not only reduces transportation times, but also guarantees the punctuality of the transports. The LPG manufacturer is very pleased.