ÖBB financial statement 2020: RCG successfully countered drastic slump in volumes

Despite losing about 10 % in volumes and 260 million in revenues compared to the previous year, RCG was able to close 2020 with an EBT of 7.6 million Euro thanks to efficient countermeasures and government support.

In order to counteract the 10% loss in volumes with its own efforts, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group has relied on extensive countermeasures since the start of the COVID crisis and was therefore able to raise a potential of 190 million Euro in 2020. Along with subsidies of about 80 m. Euro, RCG was able to start the new year successfully in 2020 with an EBT of 7.6 million and revenues of 2.2 billion Euro.

In 2020, ÖBB RCG brought over 460,000 trains safely to their destinations, which amounts to 1,260 per day. Over 95 million net tonnes were transported a distance of 28 billion net tonne-kilometres with efficient end-to-end logistics services. With a modal share of 28.2% of the total freight traffic in Austria, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is once again top of the league in Europe for 2020 and once again proved that rail freight transport has an important role to play – both for the climate and for delivering supplies of critical and systemic importance.