Powering ahead with timber transport

A freight train with 40 wagons fully loaded with wood and a track section with enormous height differences – this was a like a walk in the park for the Vectron powerhouse, this Rail Cargo Hungaria consignment was a breeze.

Powerful, 6,400 kW, 90 tonnes in weight, a top speed of 160 km/h and internationally deployable – this is the Vectron locomotive and the powerhouse of the Rail Cargo Group. Its performance capacity mean that a 2,120 tonne load of timber transported by Rail Cargo Hungaria between Rajka, a municipality in Western Hungary, and Curtici, Romania, can now be handled with ease – the process is straightforward and no additional traction services are needed. After all, trains on this section of the line in the Tatabánya region have to cope with topographical challenges such as enormous differences in altitude. The maximum permissible transport weight is 2,000 tonnes, which means that no other locomotive would have been capable of transporting this load on its own. But for the Vectron powerhouse, transporting 40 Ea wagons fully loaded with wood posed no problems at all; it was a breeze. A Taurus locomotive then took over the transport in Ferencváros/Budapest, Hungary, as far as the Hungarian-Romanian border, from where the wood was brought to its final destination in Vintu De Jos, Romania.