Quiet Tracks Initiative

The Rail Cargo Group is setting new standards on the market through this initiative. In 2022, all freight wagons in operation are going to be equipped with quiet brake pads. Currently, we are at more than 80 percent in Austria.

Quiet braking technology is one of the most important measures being taken in rail freight transport to curb noise emissions. It means we can tackle the noise right at its source. Along our services that run with 100 percent green traction current, noise reduction is also a key step to protect the environment. After all, a green future is a rail future.

The Rail Cargo Group is equipping all of its wagons in operation with quiet brake pads in order to reduce noise emissions. This new rail technology makes it possible to cut the noise volume of freight wagons in half by equipping them with modern, quiet brake pads. The benefit of this is that is has an impact on the entire rail network. Currently, over 80 percent have already been kitted out in Austria.

Quiet brake pads

Cast iron brakes have been used in freight transport up to now. The problem with using them is that they grind on the surface of the wheels during braking. The newly developed whisper brakes that have brake pads made of synthetic material or ceramic reduces the rolling noise of the wagons by around 10 dB. To the human ear, this equates to cutting the noise level by half. The new brake pads don’t grind on the wheel’s surface, which also prevents grinding on the track surface. Both components, wheels and tracks, stay smooth and keep quiet.
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