SmartLINK: Services

Whether they’re used in the terminal, in the warehouse or in the factory, with our comprehensive services we ensure our customers can sit back and relax.

SmartLINK makes the RCG’s entire range of services visible at a glance. The services provided by our 9,340 logistics professionals extend far beyond pure transport. They also include comprehensive solutions that round off our customers’ logistics assignments.

But what services are actually involved in rail freight transport?

We apply our service-related expertise at the terminal, in the warehouse and directly in the customer’s factory. We also offer our support for first-mile and last-mile shipments (i.e. on off-rail routes between the freight’s start and destination).

Terminal Logistics

We connect rail and road at our terminals, where we deal with handling containers, container depots, any repairs, customs clearance and much more besides. We work quickly and efficiently while doing so to ensure that the switchover to eco-friendly rail transport is a smooth one.

Warehouse Logistics

We have space to store freight temporarily in our logistics centres throughout Europe. We also take over all the warehouse logistics work for our customers on request. In addition to incoming and quality inspections, order picking, labelling and final distribution, we also ensure that hazardous goods are handled safely. After all, we’re familiar with all the regulations and requirements.

On-site Logistics

We offer an extensive range of services when it comes to on-site logistics too. In this respect, we supervise shunting on customers’ factory premises. And if there isn’t enough space on our own premises, we’re happy to park the wagons and trains on our tracks.

First mile and last mile shipments

Often, freight also has to complete first mile and last mile shipments to get from the factory to the destination with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s being transported by rail, road, water or air – we accompany the freight from the collection point, to the dispatch point and on to the customer’s premises. We make sure that the freight reaches the railway undamaged and on time. We also find the right means of transport for the last mile, from the destination station or terminal to the customer’s premises.