SmartLINK: TransFER

What route would you like to take – a scheduled one or an individual one?

SmartLINK, the RCG’s digital range of services, clearly presents the many possibilities that rail transport has to offer, including the options relating to our TransFER connections.

TransFER: one name – countless routes.

All the route connections in our TransNET are covered by TransFER connections – whether they’re scheduled or individually tailored to our customers’ needs. Our TransNET connects the most important economic centres, ports and terminals on the entire Eurasian continent.

In the network: as a wagonload, intermodal or on the rolling road

For wagonloads, customers can choose between an international shuttle or single wagons.
Our intermodal transport operations combine rail with land transport and sea freight, while our maritime TransFER connections unite all modes of transport to and from European ports across the board. Meanwhile, our continental TransFER connections provide access to Europe’s economic centres. What’s more, with our Eurasia connections, customers have direct access to the Silk Road, since our TransNET brings Eurasia’s economic regions together.
Then there’s the rolling road, where we load trucks onto the rail network at congestion hotspots such as the Brenner Pass and transport them by train while the drivers take a break in the accompanying passenger carriage. This cuts costs, saves time and reduces emissions.  

The individual solution: by rail or road

In addition to our standard routes, we also create tailor-made and individual block train connections – fully in line with our customers’ needs. We also offer road transport as required: for first mile and last mile shipments, or wherever flexible off-rail solutions are required.