Successful special transport into Turkey

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) developed a distinct customer solution for oversized special transports into Turkey and relied on a different transport mode – truck.

RCG offers customers more than just simply transporting goods by rail. This is evident from a recent example where an oversized consignment – specifically speaking an industrial system for sorting and processing rocks – was shipped to Payas Hatay in Turkey, 30 kilometres from the Syrian border.

Since the size of the shipment did not allow for rail transport for technical reasons, special transport was arranged by standard truck from Přerov in the Czech Republic and Košice in Slovakia and from Gleisdorf in Austria. A convoy successfully transported several oversized consignments to their destination. This once again proves: RCG will find the right transport solution for any customer request, no matter how special, and thanks to multimodal services can also fall back on other transport modes when needed.