Ten years of RCH's own traction

Last year, Rail Cargo Hungaria's (RCH) own locomotive fleet went further than ever before, covering a distance of 5.6 million kilometres. Investments in innovative and environmentally friendly traction are set to continue.

Rail Cargo Hungaria started its own traction services in January ten years ago: equipped with its own locomotive, its own driver and 35 wagons, the first journey to Miskolc-Rendező got underway. "Establishing our own traction services was an important step to strengthen our position as the market leader in the Hungarian freight transport segment", emphasizes Imre Kovács, Chairman of Rail Cargo Hungaria and Member of the Rail Cargo Group's Board of Directors.

Increasing traction capacity

The subsidiary's mileage already exceeded 3.2 million kilometres within the very first year. Continuous expansion of the machine park has made the distances travelled using their own traction services longer and longer. Now with a mileage of 5.6 million kilometres and a locomotive fleet consisting of 45 modern and environmentally friendly traction units, the scope of RCH's services is greater than ever before.

Innovative and environmentally friendly traction

In 2020, Rail Cargo Hungaria's wagon fleet will be extended with the addition of five Vectron electric locomotives. This increase in capacity means that more than 60 % of freight volumes can be brought to their destination using their own equipment. "In order to safeguard the long-term stability of our activities, further ongoing capacity development is of strategic importance", says Kovács.