Five years of TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels

In 2019, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) launched a TransFER, which has established itself as an important rail connection for wagonload transport between Austria and Scandinavia.

Originally launched as TransFER Vienna–Scandinavia, the connection initially ran from Vienna via the Czech Republic to Rostock and on by ship to Malmö. In 2022, a strategic change was made and the connection was renamed TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels. The route was moved overland via Germany (Rheinkamp near Duisburg) and Denmark. Up to Rheinkamp it runs together with the TransFER Linz–Duisburg–Wels. Up to the Danish border it is operated by RCG in own traction with three round trips per week. The main goods transported on the route are rails and paper, but the TransFER offers the possibility of transporting goods of all kinds.

Connection to the southern Swedish port region

The transit time from Linz to Malmö is around three days, making the TransFER a fast and reliable connection for wagonload transport to Scandinavia. The southern Swedish port region can be reached directly and efficiently by rail, as there is no need to reload onto ship. In this way, RCG not only provides a transport solution to the Scandinavian region, but also offers further connection options in Northern and Western Europe. In Rheinkamp it is also possible to add volumes to Scandinavia or to distribute volumes from Scandinavia to Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels