Directly from Ploiesti to Budapest and Munich and back again

We are strengthening our intermodal network to Munich with our direct connection between Hungary and Romania, and thus significantly shortening transit times between the Terminals.

The bimodal Terminal Bilk in Budapest is the largest terminal in Hungary and offers optimal handling services for shifting goods from road to rail. Ploiesti is a region of strong economic growth in Romania. Our non-stop TransFER Budapest–Ploiesti not only connects the two terminals but also creates ideal logistics solutions for continental transport units. What is more, it also links Hungarian and Romanian economic hubs and connects all of South East Europe to our network.

We and our Hamburg-based partner EUROGATE Intermodal GmbH (EGIM) now offer an additional connection that runs directly from Budapest to Munich. With this option, we are expanding our intermodal network and we are not only connecting Romania and Germany, but all of Western Europe with Southern and South Eastern Europe. This direct and sustainable continental transport route is another significant step we have taken to shorten transit time between the Terminals.