More round trips from and to Scandinavia

From 6th April, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) increases the frequency of the TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels for sustainable wagonload traffic to three round trips per week.

Since the beginning of the year, RCG has been transporting goods from Linz via Rheinkamp (near Duisburg) to Malmö in Sweden and back to Wels. Since the start, utilisation has been increasing, especially for the transport of steel, paper and consumer goods. For this reason, the TransFER is now being increased to three round trips per week.

Connections in the comprehensive TransNET

With the TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels, RCG creates a reliable and safe transport solution in the Scandinavian area with further connection options in Northern and Western Europe. The TransFER shares the route to the Ruhr area with the TransFER Linz–Duisburg–Wels, which is why RCG also can offer the option of adding quantities to Scandinavia in Rheinkamp. Likewise, quantities coming from Scandinavia can be distributed within Germany and to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Or the transport continues back to Wels for distribution in Austria and South-Eastern Europe. Transports to and from the Vienna central marshalling yard are still possible with TransFER combinations.

TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels