New RCG production concept

Rail Cargo Austria and Rail Cargo Carrier - Italy have teamed up to launch the “Arnoldstein” project as a way to speed up cross-border traffic at the border bottleneck between Austria and Italy.

The Rail Cargo Group’s successful Arnoldstein production concept got underway with train 45201 early on Monday 14/12/2020. This is the first time an Rail Cargo Carrier - Italy (RCC-IT) locomotive driver has been trained on the infrastructure belonging to ÖBB-Infrastruktur. Alterations to train path for train 45201 and a stopover in Arnoldstein that includes shunting have been arranged for live operations.

Smooth handling of the production concept

Train 45201 left Villach as early as 05:07 am and made its way to Arnoldstein, where the Austrian-trained RCC-IT locomotive driver uncoupled the tandem locomotives. The driver manoeuvred the train round as part of shunting operations and then coupled, or “banked”, the locomotive to the back of the train.

After this, the bank engine helped take train 45201 from Arnoldstein to Tarvis. It crossed the Austrian-Italian border at 06:16 am. After the bank engine was decoupled and the train ready message was issued, it continued on its journey to Santo Stino at 06:29 am. With the help of this Italian-speaking locomotive driver who trained in Austria, it was possible to cross the border in just 13 minutes and all procedures went off smoothly.


German-speaking Slovenian locomotive drivers at the Rail Cargo Group have already been trained how to handle Austrian infrastructure. They will be helping manage diverted traffic during the Karawanks Tunnel diversions to Leibnitz.