New TransFER Verona–Regensburg

We are expanding our network and, from 6 June 2021, we are launching an intermodal non-stop connection between Verona and Regensburg with three round trips per week with a new TransFER connection.

With the new TransFER connection VeronaRegensburg, we are introducing an efficient and environmentally friendly transport solution between Northern Italy and Southern Germany for the flow of continental goods. The connection is designed as an attractive “overnight transfer" and runs with three round trips per week. By the end of 2021, these are to be extended by three more and thus increased to a total of six round trips.

Our environmentally friendly and high-frequency transport solution will further reduce traffic over the Brenner Pass, which will cut 10,000 lorry journeys per year, rising to 20,000 with the increase of round trips in 2022. The new intermodal train connection thus contributes significantly to reducing traffic in a region plagued by transit, as well as reducing noise pollution for the region’s population. This means that goods such as wood, scrap metal and grain, which are currently affected by the sectoral driving ban, can be transported by rail along the Brenner route in an environmentally friendly way.

From Northern Italy to Southern Germany

Due to its easily accessible location, Verona plays an important role in the Veneto region. Thanks to our strong partnership with Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG, we offer a direct connection to their site in Regensburg. The connection will start running on 6 June with our clients Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH, based in St. Ulrich, and Reicheneder Transport GmbH from Aiterhofen, but we also offer sustainable and efficient transport between the two destinations to other customers.