Container transport

As a leading rail logistics provider, we guarantee straightforward and reliable handling of container transports, including customs clearance, overall documentation and any additional services required, throughout Europe and as far as Asia.

Our specialty is sustainable container transport from a single source, particularly suitable for palletised consignments and goods that are easy to manoeuvre and handle.

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By working with strong partners, Rail Cargo Group operates a comprehensive network of end-to-end logistics that connects major conurbations with prosperous economic centres throughout Europe and as far as Asia. This guarantees fast and straightforward, but also environmentally friendly transport for your freight.

Your benefits

  • The entire transport process from a single source: we can take care of all the necessary tasks if desired – provision and loading of the containers, container transport, customs clearance, documentation, unloading and much more.
  • We keep in touch and speak your language: a dedicated contact person will always keep you up to date and take care of your concerns.
  • Benefit from our experience: we sound out the best options for your goods transport and are on hand to advise you throughout the entire transport process.
  • We offer you high-frequency long-distance connections and therefore maximum performance, efficiency and punctuality.
  • Intermodal services with international end-to-end solutions including first and last mile.
  • Additional services such as loading/stowing and unloading, distribution, depot and repair can be provided.
  • We are also happy to take care of weighing and cleaning as well as the correct processing of the overall documentation.
  • Constant monitoring and quality control ensure that container transport runs smoothly.

Do you need more information about our wide range of services? Then please get in touch with us. Our staff will be happy to provide you with the non-binding information you need.

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For which industries does Rail Cargo Group carry out container transports?

In principle, we can cater for every branch of industry. It always comes down to how the goods are packaged and the specific transport requirements.

Here are a few examples of products*

  • Agricultural products such as grain, sugar, oilseed and others
  • Cars, car parts and components for the automotive industry
  • Waste such as excavated material, broken glass, construction and demolition waste, household waste
  • Building materials such as insulation, glass, crushed stone, sulphur, cement, marble powder, tiles, clay, china clay, bricks, slag, clinker, concrete components, etc.
  • Chemicals and dangerous goods
  • Electrical/electronic goods
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Consumer goods, beverages, food and food manufacturing products
  • Components for renewable energy production and environmental technology
  • Cosmetics
  • Machines
  • Mineral oil, petroleum and fuels
  • Furniture
  • Paper such as pulp, printing paper, packaging paper, toilet paper or cardboard etc.
  • Raw materials such as iron ore and coal
  • Steel and iron
  • Sporting goods
  • Textiles and clothing
  • And much more

* This list is only intended to give you an idea of the variety of our services.

Our logistics experts will be able to find the right transport solution for any other industry. Our decades of experience make us your reliable partner when it comes to efficient, high-frequency, combined and networked end-to-end logistics.