RCG acquires RU Captrain Netherlands

The acquisition of Captrain Netherlands B.V. was finalised on 31 May, 2024 (Closing). The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) continues to pursue its steady course of internationalisation with the expansion of its network to the Benelux countries.

The RCG has purchased the Dutch Railway Undertaking (RU) Captrain Netherlands B.V. The acquisition between the parent company Captrain Holding Paris (SNCF) and the Rail Cargo Carrier Kft. was completed on 31 May, 2024 (Closing). The purchase price has not been disclosed. “The expansion of the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group continues: after establishing subsidiaries in China and Serbia, the RCG is now expanding its international network within the Netherlands. I am delighted to welcome the new colleagues to the ÖBB team. Together we will connect the European economic centres with the ports of Europe and thus with the whole world”, says Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB.

The Netherlands: Great potential for rail freight transport

The Netherlands are of great geographical and strategic significance due to the direct connections of the ARA-Ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) to Germany and the positioning of important train corridors and terminals (Geleen, Moerdijk). Furthermore, there is great interest to expand the modal split in line with climate goals. Clemens Först, CEO of RCG adds: “The Benelux countries are an important market for us. With the expansion of our own traction network we will also be able to handle our TransFER connections end-to-end as own traction in the future.” Own traction, i.e. operating with own staff and locomotives, brings cost benefits as well as greater flexibility. “And that means one thing above all: the best quality for our customers.”

Map Own Traction

Established TransFER connections on the market

The RCG already operates its TransFER network connections with fixed timetables, such as the TransFER Linz–Duisburg–Rotterdam with four round trips per week, the TransFER Wolfurt–Rotterdam with two round trips per week or the TransFER Linz–Antwerp, which runs almost daily to and from the Benelux countries, and already successfully connects western Europe with Central, South and Southeastern Europe. With the takeover of the Dutch RU, the RCG extends its coverage to another region of Europe with its own staff and locomotives. 

Facts & Figures – Captrain Netherlands B.V.

  • Active in the Netherlands since 2007
  • Concentrates on the organisation and operation of rail transport with a focus on the Geleen and Moerdijk terminals and the Port of Rotterdam
  • 61 employees
  • 765 million tonne-kilometres and a turnover of 12.2 million Euro (2022)
  • Rolling stock: 7 locomotives, all for shunting and Last-Mile-Services